Essential Rewards (ER)

This is Young Living’s (YL) monthly wellness box subscription and one of our absolute favorite things!

A few years ago we got serious about taking our family on a journey of wellness. There were toxins hiding in our home that we didn’t know were there. Toxins known to disrupt hormones, quicken aging, interfere with fertility, cause cancer, and more. We had assumed that products sold in stores had been vetted (at least a little bit) by whoever “they” are. Well, we found out that even products that call themselves natural can be full of absolute junk!

So we wanted to remove all the toxins in our home, but we couldn’t do it all at once—it was a big, expensive job. So we ditched and switched slowly, month by month, through Essential Rewards! It is the BEST way to do this. Because of the generosity of Young Living, we have hundreds of dollars worth of YL products in our home that we paid NOTHING for. We want to help you do the same. ER is amazing!


Who loves getting happy mail?! I do!!! Every month I get happy mail from Young Living, and it’s the BEST!!! Watch this to get the inside scoop!!

Essential Rewards (ER) is a monthly subscription box like Birchbox, Kiwi Crate, or Stitch Fix, only it’s fully customizable, and you can cancel at any time!

My monthly wellness box brightens up my whole month!!!


Essential Rewards has blessed our socks off. It’s truly a no brainer for anyone who orders regularly or is wanting to! 

Here’s the breakdown:

– 50 PV minimum to stay active (in general, PV is = to $) 
– 100 PV to get full commissions if you’re sharing oils with friends and family!
– Tiered bonus percentages! 10% back months 1-3, 20% back months 4-24, and 25% back months 25+
– Thank you gifts at 3, 6, 9 months and an exclusive specialty blend called “Loyalty” at your 12 month anniversary!


You might be thinking, “I don’t have an extra $50-$100 to spend right now,” and I’ll tell you what—I thought the same thing. But then I realized how many different products Young Living has, and how much of what I already buy (toothpaste, vitamins, makeup, body lotion, shampoo, etc.) that I could stop buying at Target and start buying from my own Young Living store. This is what call transfer buying because you’re not spending new money, you’re just spending the same money in a different place on things that are so much healthier for your family.

Also, Target only gives me 5% back, and Young Living gives me 25%! YES, Please.


Something else I no longer buy at Target is gifting! Instead, I buy oily gifts for each occasion—what better way to introduce people I love to products I love? How fun are these ideas?

Wedding: Into the Future, Longevity, Sensation Massage Oil

Baby Shower: Anything from the Seedlings line, Gentle Babies, Tender Tush, Lavender, Fennel (for milk supply), Peace and Calming

Graduation: Motivation, Believe, Brain Power, Highest Potential

Housewarming: Thieves Foaming Handsoap, Thieves Household Cleaner, and Thieves Dish Soap

Friend’s Birthday: Lavender Bath Bombs, Joy, Coconut Lime Body Butter, Desert Mist Diffuser, Lipgloss

Kid’s Birthday: DIY Playdough using Lavender, Lemon, and Peppermint, Valor, KidScents

Christmas: Cinnamon Bark, Christmas Spirit (FAVE), Pine, Balsam Fir, Myrhh, Frankincense

Illness: Frankincense, Breathe Again, Thieves, RC, Inner Defense, Oregano


Transfer buying—it’s the best!


So, you bought your kit, and you’re in love. You’re addicted to all things oils, and you’re ready to detoxify your home! 

Here are some things that we know to be carcinogenic and/or toxic to our bodies and were on my “get outta my house” list:

Dryer sheets
Conventional dish soap
Conventional laundry detergent
Dishwasher pods
Anti-bacterial hand soap
Conventional makeup
Air freshener
Baby powder
Dusting spray
Toilet cleaner
Bug spray
Hand sanitizer
Household cleaners
Conventional body wash
Conventional baby lotion

Thanks to Essential Rewards, every month my home gets closer to being toxic-free! What’s next on your “get outta my house list?!”


So, you want to qualify for the ER promos every month, but you’re not ready to budget 100, 250, or 300pv yet?
Here are a tip invite friends and family who aren’t YL members yet to add to your monthly order! They want to try the Thieves toothpaste and some Lavender?
Add it to your ER order, and pass along your discount to them. They get to experience these life-changing products, and YOU get your PV met to earn all the points and freebies!
Here’s something you can share on social media with your friends, family, and followers: 

“I realized recently that I haven’t offered to grab some individual oils for you, friends! Probably because I think the kit is the best way to go, and a lot of you have ended up going that route! 🙂 
But, maybe you just want to give a couple oils a try or grab some baby wipes or the new mineral makeup, I wanted to put it out there for you!
I’m placing an order tomorrow, so if you want to try anything, I can grab it, and ship it to you! Just let me know! 🙂 xo!”


These are some of my personal favorite Young Living products! Maybe these will give you some ideas to add to your ER order this month!!!

Ningxia Red (High in Antioxidants I drink every day!!)
Multigreens (great energy and seasonal support—and greens. win.)
Super B (Natural Energy!!!)
Super C (Immune Booster)
Immupro (Immune Support)

Valor (Perfume)
Dream Catcher (bedtime)
Frankincense (Prayer!!!)
Peace and Calming (Hello Peace!!)
Jade Lemon (In my water + Diffused)
Bergamont (Perfume)
Higher Unity (Me + God time)
Neroli (Confidence!!!!)
Lady Sclareol (Perfume)

Thieves Household Cleaner (literally the only bottle under my sink! I add a capful to a spray bottle of water and clean every surface of my home with this non-toxic bottle of joy)
Thieves Dish Soap (I make 4 out of one)
Thieves Whitening Toothpaste
Satin Facial Scrub Mint (obsessed)
CinnaFresh™ Deodorant
Thieves Foaming Hand Soap (at every sink in my house) I make 2-3 from one bottle
Aria Diffuser (gorrrrrrgeous)
Thieves Laundry Detergent (so ultra-concentrated) I make 3 bottles out of one.

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