H A C K E D By hers truly ❤️


By hers truly ❤️

I’m sure many of you are familiar with her smile, and how contagious it can be. I wish I had the same consistency to show my teeth like she does. 😂 But I don’t, at least not on my own.

This picture shows how I smile everyday with her by my side. There is a saying that goes, “behind every successful man, is a praying woman.” And Jazmin is a Living epistle of such noble woman. I don’t just testify based on the mere fact that I’m her husband. She didn’t put on a godly character on the day we married, but on the day she made her vow to Christ. She hid her heart so deep in God that I had to seek Him to find her. I say this not just to inspire other women, but also the men who wish to find such a crown of their own. Such treasure as this can only be found in God’s Kingdom, and when you find her, keep her and cherish her because her love should never be taken for granted. No one ever buys costly apparel and leaves it in the closet but instead flaunts it for all to see. That is why “Charm is deceitful and beauty is passing, But a woman who fears the LORD, she shall be praised.” Proverbs 31:30. Her love crowns and enriches every aspect of my life and character, and more gladly therefore will I praise her and the Lord who brought us together. I am one blessed man to have the privilege to live life with such an amazing lady that is beautiful both inside and out.

I am proud of all her achievements, and success in Young Living. I have to say her greatest success was convincing ME of all it’s benefits not just for my well being but also for my pocket. 🤭😂 I am happy to be on board as a business partner with her, and to work side by side not just for our own success but also for those who wish to hop on the same life crusade as us! Anyways, I can write a book about our love story and quite frankly my wife insists that I do. Perhaps one day I will but for now I will leave y’all with this.

You will never regret meeting my wife. She will talk with you, listen to you, support and encourage you, pray with you and the list can go on about the many things she will do for you. I experience it first hand on a daily basis but if you have the privilege to connect with her also, just know that the same favor that is on her life will be upon yours also. It’s Biblical not just for husbands but for the people who connect with the godly to get connected with their blessings. 😉

With much love,

Your only and only cowboy ❤️

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