Our Engagement and Many Wedding Ceremonies

All my Christian life I dreamed of getting a Godly husband. Praying for years for someone who loves the Lord and served longer than I do he could lead our family closer to Christ. Little did I know he was right in front of me for years after and when I was still praying for him.

September 18, 2016, Miguel asked me to be his cowgirl 😱 in front of our small church at the time. Yes, was like (literally smh), but was like oh dang, I meant yes! 😂

Fast forward to our engagement! Miguel took to Sun Dial at the Westin in Atlanta Friday after work. I for sure thought today was the day.

He told me it wasn’t but a small part of me still believe it was going to happen. I went home that night still his girlfriend…

Since my bestie’s family was in town Miguel wanted to show them Sun Dial.

We had fun checking out the city. So we all decided to go to the Ferris wheel called SkyView.

It was just Miguel and I going what in the world. Why does he want to be romantic while hanging out with friends and family? Another smh moment. It took us an hour to get on 15 min to get on. By the time we got off, I felt terrible. So everyone decided to go to the Centennial Olympic Park. As I was taking this picture, Miguel was saying take a picture with me.

I was a little upset because he kept wanting to be romantic and we weren’t on a date. So I took a picture with him. And the. It happened

I was beyond happy.

Fast forward days after our engagement. The days we wanted to get married in Kansas just wasn’t lining up. So we prayed and asked God he said just get married. So we did that Friday after work Kari signed our legal paperwork and this is where our marriage journey begins.

However, we still wanted a small ceremony and a big one. So we asked our best friend who is an ordained apostle if she would do us the honor in a ceremony at Amicalola Falls. She said yes!!

We only had 2 show up and that was Miguel’s lovely coworker Lila her baby boy!

After all this, we planned a bigger ceremony in Kansas! This ceremony showed God’s faithfulness in the middle of tragedy. My parents’ house caught fire 2 weeks before the wedding ceremony. 90% of the wedding stuff survived the fire 🔥

I was so ready to call it off. But my parents didn’t want that! So we continued with the wedding. It is crazy how when you obey God he listens to your every desire and gives you exactly what you always wanted.

Our goal was being the light and showing people the love of Christ. Giving the opportunity he gave us and offering salvation! We had communion with everyone who attended. It was beyond special ✨

Stay tuned for our Honeymoon post!

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