Meet Luke

Saturday, May 19th as we were one turn away from being home I look at my husband and say “let’s go look at doggies”. Backtracking a bit Miguel and I have been having dog fever like crazy. So Miguel took that and ran with it. I told him we need hardware floors before we get a dog…. Keep in mind we still do not have hardwood floors and it will be some time until we move to a new place.

So Miguel asked me to look for a place where we can look at dogs. So I did. It was past 5pm and the only place opened was the place one of my good friends got her dog.

That’s Duke and his momma

So we went to PetLand. My husband and I walk in and to my left, I see the most beautiful dog ever. Keep in mind a lady had him already in her hands (he was calm). I go up to them and said to the dog “awww honey”. He jumped out of her arms and sat down and look directly at me. I asked her if she was getting the dog and she said no. So I went on a hunt to find a worker. I found this sweet lady and asked her if she could get him so we could play with him. She said to me “give him 10 mins to eat”. 10 min past by and nothing. Miguel asked me to go find her. So I did. And she forgot, however, she apologized and went to find him. Keep in mind it was Saturday and busy was an understatement.

Instantly we fell in love.

So she brings this beauty to us. Instantly we fell in love.

Well, it was love at first sight.

So we have had Luke for a little over two weeks now. He has been adjusting to his new environment well:

  • He is officially potty trained
  • He now comes and sits at command
  • He loves the doggie park
  • He is full of joy
  • He is very playful


Luke’s first trip


Luke meeting his one of his many aunts


Luke meeting one of his cousins Duke


He absolutely adores his cousin and gets super excited to hang out with him. They are inseparable #besties 🐾 Want to follow Luke in his daily life? Follow him on IG: @ayeLukie

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